We have keenly monitored the vice President’s visit to the Savannah region and still find it difficult to comprehend the motive and rational behind his hollow tour around the region.

The desperate attempt by the Vice President Bawumia to recover his lost integrity and redeem his bruised reputation by touring the country appears whimsical and a waste of the tax payers money.

It is rather unfortunate that among the comic attitudes of the vice President Bawumia, he chose to travel several miles from the seat of government with over 25 luxurious land cruiser V8’s and over 100 staff just to commission an old rural market, an NGO-owned borehole and water system and the foundation of a building labelled “Female surgical ward”, “Laundry block” etc in the name of agenda 111. (Pictures attached).

It is shameful, that after 6 years in office and with the failed promises, pledges absolutely nothing to show, Dr. Bawumia still finds comfort in campaigning to the people of the Savannah region after admitting himself that he was used for the “dirty works” by the NPP in a recently leaked tape which obviously leaves his reputation and credibility questioned.

To zoom in, Let me request from Dr. Bawumia the whereabouts or current state of their old promises to the people of the Savannah region:

1. Where is the Damongo water project you promised the people of Damongo in 2018 after truncating the contract signed by the erstwhile John Mahama government.

2. Where is the Daboya bridge you promised the people of North Gonja in August 2021?

3. Where is the regional house of chiefs you cut sod for in 2020?

4. Where are the factories you promised the people of the Savannah region under 1D 1F?

5. Where are the permanent jobs your government promised the Nabco retirees in the Savannah region?

6. Why is the Busunu-Daboya road still in a deplorable state after funds were made available by the erstwhile John Mahama government and why is the contractor not being paid to go back to site?

7. Where is the senior high school your boss, Akufo-Addo promised the people of the North East Gonja?

8. What is the state of the Salaga -Makango road and why are works slowing on it?

9. Why is the fufulso-Sawla road not being maintained after 6 years of being in office?

10. Why has your government abandoned the Bole teacher training college started by H.E John Mahama.

These are the first ten (10) basic questions we need answers to as we haven’t seen or heard the Vice President, Bawumia mention the state of all these promises they made to us, throughout his 2- day tour and just in case they have forgotten, we will always be here to remind them.


Malik Basintale

Communication Officer

NDC- Savannah region.

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